Enjoy Endless Peace, Calm And Relaxation By Creating Your Own Bonsai Trees

Keep Reading To Discover How This Meditative Hobby Can Reduce Your Stress While Providing Hours Of Fun…

Would you like to create a bonsai tree from scratch?  

Are you sick of killing every bonsai tree you buy?  

Do you want a happy and healthy bonsai collection of your own?  

Keep reading to discover how Bonsai Mastery can show you how to create, style, nurture and maintain a bonsai collection of your very own without spending years training with a secret bonsai master or learning from a hard to understand book so you can reap the benefits of this meditative hobby for life.

If you’re still reading this, you want to create your own bonsai trees… but the intimidation of getting started is holding you back.  

You know the theory of it all… That you have to water your bonsai tree, shape it, prune it, pot it (and repot it,) use the right soil and generally take care of it - but what happens if you do it wrong? How can you make sure you’re not killing your trees? How do you even get started on a tree? Do you have to buy some special seed or starter tree?  

This is what would happen to me before I learned how to master bonsai trees:

  • Every time I got a new bonsai tree from a bonsai store, it starts turning brown and looking awful. 
  • Those trees I would get from the plant stores would die within 2 months after I put them in their bonsai pots.
  • Before they died, they never really looked like a bonsai tree. Nothing I liked to look at, anyway…

Thankfully, it wasn’t my fault.  

If this happens to you too, it’s not your fault either.  

The truth is, the people selling the trees usually just want to sell the you the tree.

The bonsai professional wants you to buy his $10,000 tree because it looks cool. He wants you to keep it alive, but he doesn’t want to spend time with you to show you all of the little details that make a huge difference. He’ll give you a “care sheet” and send you on your way…  

The store in the mall wants to sell their tree before it turns brown — because it’s probably already dead when they’re selling it to you!  


Most of those “mall-sai” trees can stay green for a month or two after they die, so yeah… it’s possible to buy a dead tree from people like that.  

These salesmen are usually just trying to sell you trees. They don’t always know how to keep it alive and healthy, let alone how to create a bonsai from scratch. And if they do, they won’t let you look “over their shoulder” until you understand. Why would they? If you don’t know how to make your own bonsai tree, you’ll have to keep buying theirs!

Right now, you might be asking yourself: “Who is this guy and why does he know so much about bonsai trees?”  

Hi! My name is Steve, and I’m not a professionally trained bonsai master. I never studied in Japan, and I don’t wear any fancy robes when I’m with my trees.  

I’m an ordinary guy.

Steve from Love My Bonsai

I’ve got a wife and kids, a house to maintain, and of course… WORK! It’s not easy to have a hobby as an adult full of responsibility, but bonsai is special to me.  

There’s something about the tree’s that relax me. When I’m with my bonsai’s, the stress of the day seems to melt away. It really helps keep me happy, which in turn keeps me healthy. (The doctor says low stress is good!)  

So why am I offering you a course on becoming a bonsai master, if I’m just an experienced hobbyist?  

Simple: I used to kill every single tree I brought home within a month, and if I tried to make it myself, it wouldn’t survive the weekend.  

I would overwater some, under water others. I would cut it too much when pruning, and kill it when putting it in a pot. I was screwing up the simple things that you need to master for this hobby…  

Now, I have a happy and healthy collection full of all sorts of trees. Evergreens, flowering, big, small, tropical and local: I’ve got them all, and they are thriving like never before.  

So what changed? How did I grow from bonsai serial killer into a bonsai master?  

I learned from a skilled bonsai hobbyist.

Someone let me into this secret world, held my hand through it all and made sure I stopped screwing up. I learned more from those over-the-shoulder teachings than I ever did from a book. It was just too hard to see what was really going on until I actually saw it with my own eyes.  

It took me years of my time and dozens of failed trees to realize this. But once I realized it, I made an important shift and started learning from average people just like me that were simply a few steps ahead. 

Once I made that shift… wow. I’m really glad I did, and so is my family and all my neighbors. Everyone LOVES these pretty little trees that we call bonsai.

So how can I help you jumpstart your relaxing bonsai hobby?

That’s where Bonsai Mastery comes in.

With Bonsai Mastery, You’ll Discover:


How to create a bonsai tree from scratch that will help you experience true inner-peace and calm.

How to shape your bonsai like a professional, allowing you to design it however you like.

How to cultivate your own trees so you never have to buy another tree from a store again.


How to keep your tree collection alive and well so you can enjoy their benefits for a lifetime.

What bonsai tools you really need and how to use them so you’ll never buy a tool that you don’t need again.

Pen and paper

How to use all of this to create your own bonsai collection so you enjoy this relaxing hobby for the rest of your life. 

I’ve broken down all of my bonsai knowledge into 6 modules with 21 videos plus other much needed resources. The videos are a mix of classroom style trainings AND “over the shoulder” videos designed to teach absolutely everything you need to master your bonsai hobby with ease.

Here’s what you’re going to learn inside:

Module 1 - Where To Start With Your New Bonsai Hobby

In this first module, you’ll get a quick introduction into the world of bonsai and dive into the different classical styles. This is MORE than just your stress-free, no nonsense introduction. It’s a point of inspiration when you start to shape your very own bonsai!

Module 2 - How To Keep Your Bonsai Trees Alive

Before we start creating a bonsai together, you have to know how to keep it alive. And not just alive, but THRIVING! Module 2 is where we cover watering, light, fertilization and winter care. This module will help you stop killing every bonsai tree you touch.

Module 3 - Potting Your Bonsai Tree WITHOUT Killing It

You have ideas for different shapes, and you know how to keep your new trees alive… so far so good! Now we have to get that tree into a little pot. It’s not as easy as it sounds (and it doesn’t sound easy) — but you’re going to learn the tricks of the trade and get it done perfectly every time.

Module 4 - How To Shape Your Bonsai However YOU Like

Got your inspiration ready from Module 1? Good! In this module, we’re going to take our newly potted bonsai tree and make it pretty. It doesn’t matter what style you choose, you’re going to know EXACTLY how to style it to match your vision. No more buying whatever is available… you get to be the artist for a change.

Module 5 - Creating A Bonsai Tree From Scratch: From Beginning To End

This is it! We’re going to cover the entire process of going from a nice tree from a nursery or super-store garden center into a BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BONSAI! You’ll get to watch and follow along with me from start to finish. No snippets, no cleverly shot clips, just a full bonsai building experience so you don’t miss any important details.

Module 6 - How To Create Bonsai Trees In Your Own Backyard WITHOUT Going To The Store

Having a happy bonsai tree might not be enough… If you want more bonsai, and we ALL want more bonsai, you should know how to create more of them WITHOUT going to the store! In this final module, you’re going to discover how to create a bonsai from any tree or bush that you see.

Certificate Of Completion

Completing what you start is a big deal. To honor that, I will happily present you with a digital certificate of completion proving you are a bonsai master. You can hang the certificate on the wall if you like. I don’t know if anyone outside of our circle will care, but we’ll all know you’re a certified bonsai master now.

When you complete Bonsai Mastery, you’ll be able to take a tree straight from the store like this:

Pine Bonsai Before The Bonsai Mastery Course

Look at it… It’s unkempt. Scraggly, shaggy, and just kind of gross looking. There’s really nothing pretty about it.  

It has all of the potential in the world to be a beautiful Japanese Black Pine, but it needs skilled hands to guide it and turn it into an amazing bonsai like this:

Pine Bonsai After The Bonsai Mastery Course

Look at it now that’s its been masterfully turned into a bonsai! Beautiful.  

It’s been shaped into a cool design with the trunk and branches, and all of the needles are pointing up making it look fantastic. It’s been pruned of unneeded branches, and the needles have been expertly pruned as well. It’s in a pot that shows off how beautiful it is, and has some lovely green moss making it look even better.  

Beyond how cool it looks, it looks healthy and happy! There’s new growth everywhere, and the color looks even better.  

Plus, I was incredibly relaxed and meditative when I was creating this beauty. A bonus is as the owner of this happy little tree, I now feels a wonderful sense of accomplishment whenever I look at it.  

This is what’s possible when you know how to turn any old tree, bush or shrub into a beautiful bonsai.

Get Instant Access To Bonsai Mastery Now For Just:
$100 $47

"The Steve Guarantee" If you’re not happy after you give it a try, I’ll give you a full 30 days to ask for a full refund.

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Before we go any further, let’s take a quick moment to answer some common questions and make sure that Bonsai Mastery is for you.  

Q: How do I access Bonsai Mastery? A: This is an online video course. After you purchase, you’ll create an account and gain instant access to the entire program. It’s quick, easy and fun!  

Q: How long can I access the course? A: Forever! We’re all busy, and I get that. You are free to take your time with Bonsai Mastery. Just because someone can finish the course in a few days doesn’t mean YOU have to. If you’ve got things to do and want to take your time, go for it! You can visit and revisit Bonsai Mastery from time to time, whenever you want.  

Q: What happens if you add new material? A: Since you have lifetime access, you’ll get access to anything new that gets added.  

Q: How do I view the videos? A: You can view the videos on any device that lets you visit a simple website. It can be a smart phone (like iPhone or Android), tablet, laptop, netbook or desktop computer. Basically, if you can watch a video on YouTube or Facebook, you can view the Bonsai Mastery videos.  

Q: I have a hard time keeping my lawn alive… will this REALLY teach me how to keep a bonsai tree alive? A: Absolutely. It’s a step-by-step, play-by-play guide. If you follow it closely, you’re trees will thrive.  

Q: What’s an “over the shoulder” video? A: Basically, I strapped a camera on my head and recorded me doing the task at hand so you can see exactly what to do through your own eyes.  

Q: What happens if I don’t like the course? A: I want this to be the most helpful course you ever take. Not just on bonsai, but on anything. If you’re not completely satisfied with Bonsai Mastery, I’ll give you a 100% refund.

The most important thing to remember is that I’m a regular guy that happens to love bonsai trees and is good at teaching people. If you’re expecting a formal master using beautiful Japanese words for everything, you’re going to be disappointed. If not, then this is for you.

If you’re ready to skip all of that hype and get down to learning the art of bonsai from someone a few steps ahead of you on their journey, let’s make some bonsai together. 

Get Instant Access To Bonsai Mastery Now For Just:
$100 $47

Don’t forget the "Steve Guarantee!" If you’re not happy after you give it a try, I’ll give you a full 30 days to ask for a full refund.

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